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Property Management

Property Management

Property Management and special services

Let us take the stress out of owning a property in a foreign country. Our aim is to provide our clients with a reliable, trustworthy and high standard service. Our Property Management Service takes care of each season as they come and go. We think and do everything, so you don’t have to.

Our services are:

  1. Weekly visits to the property, during contracted time
  2. Additional checks after severe weather
  3. Alarm & General Security check
  4. Airing the property
  5. Check electric, gas & water supply, internet connection, TV satellite, bulbs, etc…
  6. Post Collection
  7. Key holding
  8. Welcome visits, 2 days after arrival of renters
  9. Pre-visit email and call to renters
  10. Meter Readings

To make your package tailor made to you and your property, we also provide the following services, which shall be charged separately….

  1. Rental Departure checks / Empty Property
  2. Trouble-Shooting
  3. Changeovers & General Cleaning Service
  4. Laundry & Linen service
  5. Welcome Hampers (various options available)
  6. Pool & Garden maintenance & servicing
  7. Pre-summer pool service
  8. Pre-winter boiler service

Weekly visits to the property

We understand that your property is very special and that it’s important to know that someone is there to keep an eye on things while you are not around. Our company will make weekly visits to your property and check that everything is in order and that no problems have occurred.


Key Holding

Do you know the neighbours well enough to leave keys with them? Do you really want to burden your friend with the responsibility of holding a set of keys for you? NO! Then we have the solution!
If you would solely like to contract our key holding service, you can do so with a 15 euro per month fee.


Welcome Visits

You may plan on renting your property out. If so, we can provide you with a welcome visit for your guests. This visit will take place a couple of days after the guests´ arrival, and will provide them with a friendly face and someone who will check that everything is in working order and that they are happy with their stay. This gives a lasting impression on the renters and makes them feel welcome and looked after.

During rental periods, owners shall provide us with the guests contact details, and we will contact them to introduce ourselves and to be a point of contact for their arrival and stay.


Meter Readings

We will take frequent meter readings whether the property is vacant or occupied in order to keep control of consumption, and email you the results.


Rental Departure Checks / Empty Property

A visit to the property shall be carried out once the guests have departed, and the owners will be informed immediately of any damage or breakages that may have occurred during their stay. Therefore the correct amount can be deducted from the guest’s security deposit. After each rental period when there are no immediate guests, the villa will be emptied, laundry removed and property prepared for cleaning.

Check in & Check out times:         Check in: after 16:00 / Check out: by 10:00

Please make sure that you inform your renters of these times.



In between the hours of 09:30 – 19:00, Monday to Saturday, we are available to sort out any problem relating to the property. For example, if there’s a leak, the oven breaks down or the electric keeps tripping, we will organize everything to ensure that the problem is repaired swiftly and with minimal hassle for your renter’s.


Changeovers and General Cleaning Service


We have a team of reliable cleaners who will clean and prepare your property whenever required.

NOTE:  We supply all general cleaning products. All property owners must ensure that they have the following items. If any items are deemed un-fit, they will be replaced and you will be charged accordingly.

  • Broom and dustpan for inside the house
  • Broom and dustpan for the outside
  • Mop and bucket with new spare mop head
  • Steam iron and ironing board
  • Cot & sets of linen for cot
  • High chair
  • Owners must supply 3 sets of linen and towels for each guest (items can be purchased by us, on your behalf)

Before your property starts its rental period, your property must have 2 sets & 2 spares of various items (mugs, cups, plates, cutlery, etc.…).  You can either supply these items yourselves, or we can obtain these for you and charge accordingly.

General Cleaning Service

We offer our general cleaning service to both residents and non-residents. If you want your property freshened up before your arrival or if you want a weekly, biweekly or monthly clean – we’ll tailor the service to your needs.

Mid-Rental Clean & Laundry change

If your guests have booked a stay for longer than a week, please offer them a mid-rental clean & laundry change. During the mid-rental clean the bed linen and bath & hand towels will be changed and the bathrooms will be cleaned.

Pre-Season Clean

Pre-season villa and apartment spring cleans are essential. Our total clean includes all that of a normal clean plus wall tiles, inside wardrobes, inside and outside of kitchen cupboards & extractor fans (filters), summer kitchens and BBQ’s.


Linen & Towels – Laundry Service

Owners to provide 3 sets of linen and towels for each bed, and it should all be stored in a well vented, dry cupboard locked with a padlock. If owners would like us to obtain all of the linen and towels, please advise us and we will organize for you.

Each guest is provided with a laundered, made-up bed, bath and hand towels.

You will be charged for the bedlinen and towels as according to the amount of guests that stay.  For example, if we are instructed to make up 2 double beds but there are only 3 guests, then you will be charged for 3 sets of linen and towels. If we are instructed to make up 2 double beds and there are 4 guests, you will be charged for 4 sets. If we are instructed to make up all beds but there are fewer guests, you will be charged for the sets that are used by the guests.

Owners must supply before rental period mattress and pillow protectors for all bedrooms.

Beach Towel Rental

We supply beach towels for your guests for 4 euros per towel.

  • Welcome Hamper

A welcome hamper is a really nice touch that will get every stay for your guests off to the best start. It also increases the chances of recommendations and returning customers.

At the owner’s request, we can provide 2 different levels of welcome hampers. You will be able to choose from a standard hamper or a special deluxe hamper. Most property owners make this an optional extra for their guests to pay for if they would like one of the packs to be in the property for their arrival.​



Have peace of mind in knowing your property is looked after both inside and out. Keeping on top of maintenance work not only maintains a property´s value, it sells well to future rental clients and feels like home from home when you and your family come to use it yourselves.

In the long run, employing professionals to keep an eye on things for you, saves you valuable holiday time and money.

  • Pool

This service includes weekly visits during low season, visits twice a week during high season, ph tests, all chemicals and rebalance, pool floor hoover, pool wall scrub, clean debris, empty skimmers, backwash if necessary, pump timer adjustment when needed.

As a guide only:

8 x 4m pool =      65 euros / month

10 x 5m pool = 70 euros / month

12 x 6m pool = 75 euros / month


  • Garden

Don’t come back to an over-grown forest! Get a gardener, your plants will appreciate it, so will you and your tenants. Request a quote and we will organize.

  • Windows

Sparkling clean windows, clean grills and blinds make such a difference to the presentation and feel of a property. Request a quote and we will organize for you.

Pre-summer Pool Service

During the year your pool pump gets used a lot, especially during the warmer times of the year, and will most probably need a service. We will organize a pre-summer pool service to make sure everything is working and hopefully avoid any breakages that may occur before the summer begins…..…   and let’s face it, you do NOT want that to happen mid-July in 30 degree heat!

The pool man will check the components of the pump, and check if the sand in the filter needs replacing, check for any leaks, if any rubber seals need replacing, etc.….

Depending on if there are any parts that need replacing and the time spent revising the pump, you will be charged accordingly.

Pre-winter Boiler Service

Before the winter time begins we shall organize a service on your boiler to be carried out. Depending on if there are any parts that need replacing and the time spent revising the boiler, you will be charged accordingly.


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