Guide about mortgages and finance in Javea

Depending on Javea resident status, depends on what percentage is loaned by the bank. If you are buying your first home and you are a Spanish resident, they will lend you a mortgage of 70-80% of the lowest value of the bank valuation or sale price. For non-residents it's usually 40-50%.

Documents required to obtain a mortgage for Spanish Residents:

  • NIE & passport
  • 6 months wage slips (if applied)
  • Last 2 years tax declaration
  • Proof of other assets (if applied)
  • Savings

If you already have a mortgage:

  • 6 months mortgage payment slips
  • Proof of outstanding amount & monthly payments

Non-residents must provide:

All of the above, plus a letter of recommendation from your bank and if you are self-employed you need proof of solvency.

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